What: My aspiration is to complete a collection of 700 photographs: 100 of each of the seven sacraments (baptism, holy communion, reconciliation, confirmation, holy matrimony, holy orders, and anointing of the sick). This collection of photographs will be used to shine light on the beauty and importance of the sacraments in our lives. Basically, my goal is to take pictures of the sacraments and hear what my fellow Catholics have to say about them.

Where: I am located in Bloomington, IN. Open to travel.

Why: I have a great love for the Catholic Church and for photography; all throughout my photography adventures, I have always desired to go deeper and give all the glory to God.  All I want to do is draw people into the faith through the beauty of the sacraments, use my love for photography to glorify God, and provide photographs for people that reflect the grace that God gives us through the sacraments.

How: I take pictures for you.  You tell me what the sacrament means to you.  I give you pictures. That simple! I look forward to hearing from you!