New Initiative!

Each day, I see God in the little things, the beautiful things in life. I see God in the wild flowers on the side of the road, in the weeds growing through the sidewalk cracks, in the birds chirping, the Church bells ringing, the incense during mass, the beautiful sound of music that fills my car on the way to work, the smile of a stranger, and more. I see God everywhere I go and I seek Him daily. Imagery, sound, and artistic expression have been the ways I have encountered God the most. Through all of this, I have come to realize my love for Sacred Art.

A little while ago, my fiancé (shoutout to the very best) sent me a link to a master’s program in Sacred Art at Pontifex University. The program is relatively new and focuses on beauty. When I read about it, I was captivated and honestly couldn’t imagine a program that would fit me better; either way, I pushed it to the back of my mind because I knew we couldn’t afford it. Months later, I was praying about spiritual reading and what I should read next, and I found myself back on the Pontifex University website looking at the courses and trying to figure out which books are in the curriculum. I asked myself what was holding me back from enrolling into the program and the answer was clear: funding. The program in totality costs $10,000.

At first, I felt discouraged. How would I ever be able to afford that? And then it came to me: I would raise the funds through sacred art and my love for photography. I plan to make myself available as a photographer to serve others, I will make Catholic art, offer prints of my photography, and hold sacred art workshops. While there will not be set prices, there are suggested donations along with the break down for each course cost. I would like to thank you in advance for your generosity and support. Additionally, I am located in Bloomington, IN, but am more than willing to travel.

Below is a list of the curriculum and the cost of each course. I would so appreciate your supporting a portion of a class or an entire class.

  • Scripture: The Old Testament in Words and Images
    • $900
  • Scripture: The New Testament in Words and Images
    • $900
  • The Bible and the Liturgy
    • $900
  • A Survey of the Philosophy of Beauty, Truth and Goodness, from the Ancient Greeks to the Present Day
    • $900
  • The Philosophy of Nature
    • $900
  • A History and Practical Theology of Images
    • $900
  • Sacred Geometry, Sacred Number, Traditional Harmony and Proportion
    • $600
  • Introduction to Sacred Music, with a focus on Latin and Gregorian Chant
    • $300
  • A History of Architectural Design in the West
    • $900
  • Christian Humanism in Contemporary Cinema
    • $300
  • The Spiritual History of English
    • $300
  • Structured Studio Work
    • $900

To accomplish this goal, I will be offering:

  • Photography services
  • Religious Art
  • Photography Prints
  • Sacred Art Workshops

I cannot wait to serve you!


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