Fundraising for Vocation Collection

IMG_1636Each day, I see God in the little things, the beautiful things in life. I see God in the wild flowers on the side of the road, in the weeds growing through the sidewalk cracks, in the birds chirping, the Church bells ringing, the incense during mass, the beautiful sound of music that fills my car on the way to work, the smile of a stranger, and more. I see God everywhere I go and I seek Him daily. Imagery, sound, and artistic expression have been the ways I have encountered God the most.

Because of this, I am currently working on a vocations photo collection. My main goal is to capture what it looks like to truly live out your vocation as a Catholic, whether that be as a priest, sister, friar, stay at home mom, father, working mom, single man or woman, etc.! I want to dedicate a whole day to each person featured in the collection, so I essentially follow someone around for a whole day and document in photos and notes how they live their life and what it means for them to be Catholic.

This is not a new idea of mine. I have wanted to do this for a long time. But it is difficult to do. It takes a lot of time. And unfortunately, money too. I have been discouraged. I have thought about not pursuing it. But a priest told me to continue praying about it and that if God wanted it to happen, it would. So here I am, countless prayers later, updating this post, knowing that God will come through if this truly is His will.

One thing that is most definitely in my way is a lack of funding. I think a part of why I was discouraged was because I couldn’t see how I would afford the travel and equipment upkeep, etc., but then it came to me: I would raise the funds through sacred art and my love for photography. I plan to make myself available as a photographer to serve others, I will make Catholic art, offer prints of my photography, and hold sacred art workshops. I’m actually so excited for this adventure and I trust that it will be successful if God wills it.

Thank you in advance for your generosity and support. Additionally, I am located in Bloomington, IN, but am more than willing to travel.

Please visit the photography services tab for suggested donations, and contact me directly for custom sacred art pieces.

Thank you so much! May God bless you and Mary keep you.



New Photo Collection: A Day in the Life of a Catholic

I am ecstatic to announce my latest photo collection! I will be documenting days in the lives of Catholics and it will be a series that will become a comprehensive snapshot of what a day in the life of a Catholic looks like.

Discerning the vocation God has given you is not an easy task- in fact, it might even be a daunting task. I found myself asking why this is. With the help of the Holy Spirit, I have found my desire to find out more about the different vocations and what they entail.

This photo collection will involve many different Catholics from all the different vocations. The purpose is to show people, through my photography, what it looks like to live out a holy life and what it looks like to actually practice the faith. I’m in the very beginning stages of this series, having only documented two different people’s days; however, I imagine that the main common denominator among all people featured and all vocations across the board will be joy. To practice the Catholic faith and to know, love, and serve the Lord leads directly to the vocation He has called you to, which ultimately will leave you the most joyful and fulfilled.

Please pray for me as I take on this collection. And if you have any interest at all in being featured or would like to recommend someone, please contact me!

Pax et Bonum,


Talking with Br. Leo Maria of the Mother of Mercy


It is always such a joy to speak with brothers. I’m not sure what I enjoyed more: recording this video a year ago in Costa Rica or listening to it over and over and having to cut around his laughs and jokes.

Thanks be to God for the good work the brothers do in Costa Rica (and everywhere they go). They are truly living out the faith in such a beautiful way.

Please consider donating to Saint Bryce Missions, an amazing Catholic nonprofit based in Costa Rica. The organization is one of service and they need donations in order to continue serving!

Thank you and God bless you.

“Hail, Holy Queen” by the Brothers

One year ago I traveled to Costa Rica with the Franciscan Friars Minor. On our short two weeks there, we helped the Mitchell family who began St. Bryce Missions in their efforts to catechize the indigenous people of Costa Rica. It is a beautiful mission and I will forever be grateful for the blessing of being able to witness/document/aid it.

Disclaimer for this video I put together: videography is not my thing ūüėõ Photography is my love, but I had this video of the brothers singing/playing this song and I just wanted to use it! I hope you enjoy the video and if you feel called to help the mission, please do so! I’ll post the link to St. Bryce Missions’ website below.


I’m Alyssa. A follower of Christ, photographer, student, daughter, friend. Most, if not all, of my aspirations in life have been centered on Christ, and this next one is no different. I made this blog for my photography, which is focused on what is good and sacred.¬†Everything I’ve ever learned about photography¬†has led to this and I’m so excited!¬†I’m working on a collection on vocations that is a series of the lives of faithful Catholics.

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